Wolf Manager For Android TV / FireOS 6+

Finally we have a process to Backup & Restore Wolf on Android TV / FireOS 6+ devices with no manual typing needed.

(APK at the bottom of the page)

Firstly configure Wolf Launcher and get it looking how you like it:

2. Ensure you are still using your Stock launcher

3. Install Wolf manager from below and open it

Click on Backup.

This will create a folder on the root of your internal storage called “Wolf_Backup”

Copy this folder from your device to your PC (I used X-Plore, but you can also use Mi-Xplore or any method you like)

Remember – to use Wolf again on the first device where you took the backup from, you must click on Restore. This will install Wolf Launcher again and remove the Wolf Manager.

Once the folder is on your PC. You can now copy this on to your 2nd device (where you want to send your Wolf config to).

After you have copied the folder to your 2nd device, install Wolf Manager there and open it up.

Select the correct version of the Launcher you are install to (the 2nd device) and click restore

Click on Install

Click on Open

You should see your restored Wolf Launcher

Software Needed

Wolf Manager 1.2

Wolf Launcher (Shield TV)

Wolf Launcher (Chromecast Google TV)

Wolf Launcher (4K Firestick / 2nd Gen Cube)

MiXplore (File Manager)

See the process in action here