Use Mouse Toggle On Nvidia Shield / Android TV

Software needed:


  1. Use Downloader to download the above APK direct on to your Android TV device. In my demonstration I used the new Nvidia Shield Pro
The short url to my site is

2. Once installed, navigate to Settings and click on Device preferences

3. Scroll down to Accessibility and click on that

4. Under Services turn Mouse Toggle on

5. Press the home key and select the title to “Add App to Favourites”

6. Find Mouse Toggle and select it

7. You will now have Mouse Toggle on your home screen

Open it and ensure it says enabled

If you get an error here that means you missed the step about giving the app access to the accessibility service

You will see there are two ways to launch the virtual mouse

Lets try the double-play button shortcut inside an application. Here I have just launched the Aurora store

If I new double press the Play button:

The virtual cursor appears!

You can now use the directional pad to move the virtual cursor around and press the select button to simulate a mouse click.

How to remove the virtual mouse

Go over to your settings — Apps

Find Mouse toggle in the list and select it

Select the option to uninstall the software

Video Step by Step Guide: