Use Custom Launcher on Nvidia Shield 8.1.1 with Widgets!

Software needed:


  1. Go to settings — Device preferences — About

2. Inside the About page, scroll down to Build and press select 7 times

After press select 7 times, you will be told that you are a developer

3. Press the back button and scroll down to “Developer options”

Open Developer tools

Scroll down and find “Network Debugging” and turn that on

Press home and launch Remote ADB Shell (You need to use sideload launcher to start it or from my apps)

If you are doing this direct on the device you can leave the IP address as above. If you doing this from a phone / computer then you need to enter in your IP address of your Shield

You will see this prompt if this is the first time you are making an ADB connection:

Check Always allow and click OK

Open up the Shield app on your mobile/cell phone

Select your Shield

You will be asked to enter in a pairing code

Click on the keyboard icon and then copy and paste the next line in to Remote ADB shell

pm grant de.codefaktor.ftvlaunchx android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
Press enter after pasting that in

Press the home key

Start FtvlaunchX

Click on the drop down arrow and select ATV Launcher

Press the home key and your custom launcher will load

How to enable widgets

Install some applications that have widget support (weather apps, news apps etc)

Run the following command in ADB shell

appwidget grantbind --package --user 0

The package name needs to be changed if you using something other than ATV

How to restore the default launcher

Just uninstall FTVLauncherX and press the home key. You will now be in the default Shield Launcher

Watch the steps here: