Use Android TV Launcher on Amazon FireTV Cube (May 2020 Update)

Software Needed (1 to 3 are required, the rest only needed if you want a custom background)

  1. TDUK-FireTV-Cube-Helper
  2. FTVLaunchX (All credit to Erik)
  3. Leanback Launcher 1.9
  4. Wallpaper (custom background) I have already named this file background.jpg so all you need to do is copy it to the root folder.
  5. X-Plore (A great file manager and also needed if you want to rename you downloaded files


Ensure you have enabled ADB on your device

Install the all the applications from above and then go to your apps library

Open the TDUK-LaunchX-Helper application and you will see:

After a few seconds you will see

Ensure you click on OK to give the permission

After a few seconds you will see

You can new select a launcher. In my example, I am using Leanback Launcher

Press the home key

You will now see the Android TV launcher.

If you want to change the background, open up the launcher settings

Click on Default wallpaper

Ensure you have copied a file called background.jpg in to the root of your internal storage (Use X-plore file manager if you need to do this)

Click on Choose Wallpaper

Click on Select background.jpg

You will then back taken back to this screen

Press the home key and you will see your new bacground.

How to go back to default launcher

Go to your apps library and find the LaunchX

Click Uninstall

Select Uninstall

You will still see the custom launcher until you press the home key

Watch the video here: