Ultimate Firestick Secrets 2020

Task Kill – Close off all background apps with 1-Click

Download the app here

When you start the app, this is what you will see:

This will show you all the background running apps and the memory they are consuming. Press down a few times (you won’t see the cursor move). Click on Kill Selected to close all the background apps

You will then see a confirmation that the memory has been freed.

Use Bluetooth Devices

You can connect all sorts of Bluetooth devices to your Amazon device. Everything from Bluetooth keyboards / Mice / Headphones and even Soundbars. You can add a new device by going to Settings — Remotes and Bluetooth Devices and add a new device.

ADB Performance Tweaks

We can use ADB to improve the performance of your Amazon device. Firstly we need to install Remote ADB from here
Ensure you have enabled ADB enabled in Settings — My Fire TV — Developer Options.
Open Remote ADB and enter the localhost IP on port 5555

Once connected enter in the this command:
settings put system transition_animation_scale 0.0
click Run
Ensure there are no errors and then enter in the 2nd command
settings put system window_animation_scale 0.0
Finally enter in the final command
settings put system animator_duration_scale 0.0

click Run

The 3 commands will turn off the Window and Transition animations which will give you quicker UI performance

Alexa Commands

Cool Firestick Start Page

Use the following link in any browser:


IOS Screen Mirroring

On your Firestick, install Airscreen from the app store

Once Installed, open it up and click on Start Now

Click on Settings

Turn off Google Cast and DLNA. Ensure Hardware acceleration is enabled

Press Back on the remote and scroll up to click on Start.

On your iDevice, swipe up from bottom and select screen mirroring. You will see your device in the list. As soon as you click it, you will be able to see your iDevice’s screen on your Firestick

Play Google Stadia on Firestick

Google Stadia is cloud gaming’s first truly bright long-term forecast. After spending years tied to the console the upgrade cycle, gamers are about to get a welcome reprieve.

Stadia grants you access to a growing digital game library that works anywhere you go. Ambitious as it sounds, we’ve finally tested it in our own home and we can firmly say that it’s a true console alternative and, in time, a potential platform killer.

It’s doing a lot of things right. Besides offering surprisingly enjoyable performance with little-to-no latency on our home network, the service offers on-the-go streaming via phones and tablets as well as at home on PCs and Chromecast. On top of that, Stadia does built-in YouTube Gaming live-streaming and, if you buy a Premiere Edition, comes with an ergonomic Wi-Fi controller that reduces latency showing Google has looked at Stadia from all angles. 

Click here for the step by step install guide for a Firestick / Nvidia Shield

Reboot Your Device Shortcut

Press the select and play button together for 5 seconds and that will fully restart your device

Watch the apps in action here: