Top 5 FREE Android TV Launchers For 2020

Here are my 5 favourite launchers for your Android Box

Ugoos TV Launcher

One of the most popular launcher for Android TV is arguably Ugoos TV.

The user interface marks a significant break from the Android TV launcher that you’re used to using. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a scrolling wheel that lets you browse through broad categories (for example, All Apps, Internet, Games, Options, and so on.).

There are nine categories in total. Any apps that fall under the highlighted category will appear on the right-hand side of the screen for you to select and open.

Ugoos TV has nine different themes and supports customizable backgrounds, customizable icons, and adaptive remote control

Click here to download Ugoos TV Launcher

Top TV Launcher

Key features:
* The ability to perform all actions using only the directional and select keys.
* Ability to create your own tiles from images.
* Ability to create your own tiles from your installed application icons/banners.
* Includes custom tiles.
* Fully customizable tiles, giving you the ability to add any app(s) to any tile.
* If only 1 app is added to a particular tile the app will launch directly, otherwise an application selector is displayed.
* Ability to set the wallpaper.
* Mouse/Air mouse/Touch input is fully supported!
* Root is not required.
* No ads!

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TVLauncher 3 is a custom launcher made from scratch for the big screen. The launcher is built for navigation with a remote or controller.

You can create and share tiles between users. You can also have multiple sections to organise your different types of apps.

This is the first official update in a few years. I’m developing this application on the side of my studies, so I don’t have the resources that other companies do. I hope you enjoy this new version.

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Square Home 3

This launcher is ideal if you have a cheap TV Box. It has all the functionality related to customization. You can customize icons, colours, shades or widgets and wallpapers as per your choice. The interface which Square Home 3 provides is similar to Metro UI type which seems to be found in later versions of Windows.

Click here to download Square Home 3

TV Home Launcher

If you have a smart TV from Samsung or LG that runs either TizenOS or webOS, the layout of TvHome Launcher will be instantly familiar. Indeed, if you want to recreate the smart TV experience, TvHome is one the best Android TV launchers you’ll find.

All of your apps are displayed along the bottom of the screen in a minimalist single line. You can scroll through the list using the left and right buttons on your Android TV remote control. The background image is customizable.

TvHome Launcher is also notable for its minimal drain on your system’s resources. If you have a cheaper, underpowered Android TV box, this launcher is definitely worth checking out.

Click here to download TV Home Launcher

Simple TV Launcher

Simple TV is another minimalist Android TV launcher.

There are six spaces for apps on the main screen. You can choose the apps that appear in the slots. If you need to access your complete list of apps, click on the corresponding icon in the upper left-hand corner.

In the lower right-hand corner, you’ll find an icon that lets you jump directly into your Android TV’s settings menu.

Simple TV Launcher is open source—you can find the source code on GitHub. If you have sufficient time and knowledge, you can use the launcher as the basis for your own creation.

Click here to download Simple TV Launcher

ATV Launcher

Do you need a fast, simple, sleek and highly customizable launcher for your Android TV set-top box?

ATV Launcher allows you run apps designed for TVs, smartphones and tablets using a 1-click operation. No need additional tools or applications.

Main features:

– Application Widgets support
– D-pad optimized navigation
– TV (leanback), tablet and phone apps are supported
– Custom tile support. Set color, image or transparent background for any application or widget
– Automatic extraction and using TV icons and banners for Android TV enabled apps
– Wallpaper support even for devices without native wallpaper support

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Watch the process in action here: