Supercharge Android Box in 2020

Software needed:


  1. Install CC cleaner from the above link and use the to scan your Android box
Select the option to “finish cleaning” to reclaim lost space

2. Install Unapp from the link above and launch it. This will allow you to select multiple apps that you have installed and then give you the option to remove all of them

Select all the apps you want to remove

3. Use Developer options to adjust animation scale. Go to your settings, About and where it says Build, click there 7 times

click 7 times on Build to enable developer options

Go back to settings and you can now enter the Developer options. Inside there turn of the animation scale on these 3 options

Further down, you can adjust how many background processes can run at the same time. I recommend setting this to 4

Click on this

Set this to 4

Set this to 4 max processes

Keeping your Device cool

Last tip is to buy a usb cooling fan, this will keep your device cool and prevent any CPU throttling

Most Android boxes will have at least 1 USB port to power the fan

Watch the steps here: