Run Project xCloud Game Streaming on Nvidia Shield TV

Software needed:


  1. Register for Project xCloud here . You will need to use a Microsoft Account or register a new one. I registered my gmail account and received confirmation that I was accepted in to the beta program in a few days
  2. Install the xCloud Preview APK

3. Open the app (if you can’t see it on your home screen, you can use sideload launcher to see the 3rd party apps

The APK is designed for a phone so certain screens will be in portrait mode. However the actual gaming will be be.

4. You will see a prompt about pairing your Xbox controller (if you have one)

If you have the Xbox controller you can pair it but I used the standard Nvidia Game controller

Ensure you have paired whichever controller you are going to use and click on Next

Ensure you have your invite ready

Select the option to Sign in

Sign in with the Microsoft account that received the xCloud invite

You will then be logged in and see your xCloud gamer tag

Click on Lets Play ! (use right analogue stick to move the virtual mouse to click it)

Welcome to Project xCloud !

select any game with the controller

Use the D pad to select a game.

Lets try some Tekken 7!

Press A to launch the game

Click on Play

Game will start the streaming process

Press any key to start

We’re in !

How to quit and play a different title

Press Back in the stock remote and you will see this

You will then go back to the main menu where you can select another game