Nvidia Shield / Firestick Retro Gaming 2020

Software Needed

Zach Morris Repo (Full Credit to Zach)

Kodi 18.6

Retroarch 32bit

Retroarch 64bit

Download the zach morris repo on to your device using downloader

Open Kodi 18.6

Navigate over to settings and the system

Inside system click on Input and then “Configure attached controllers”

Configure the buttons on whichever controller you are using.

Press the back button and select add-ons

Select Install from zip file

If you see the following message click on settings and allow

Again click on Install from Zip file and select external storage

Open the Downloader folder

Select the zip file you downloaded

You can now select Install from repository

Select the Zach Morris repository

Select Video add-ons

Select the Internet Archive Games Launcher

Once installed, open up the add-on and select configure

Here you can choose to adjust the cache size, the default is zero:

Go down to setup wizard and ensure the Kodi Retroplayer is selected

Select “Execute Setup Wizard”

This will configure the add-on for you.

You can now open the add-on and you will see

When you select a game, you will be prompted to download an emulator (will only happen once per system)

Select an emulator and the game will start

If you want to change the controller setting, press the select button and select controls

You can also tweak the video filters here.

Watch the process in action here: