Freeze System APPS 4K Firestick (April 2020 Update)

Ensure your device is charged before you follow the steps

Software needed

  1. Remote ADB Shell
  2. IceBox
  3. Shizuku

Install the 3 applications above and then open Shizuku manager

Use the virtual mouse to click on “View ADB Command”

Click on Copy

Open Remote ADB Shell and make a connection to

Click on Connect

Once you see the mantis prompt, you are ready to paste the command

Bring up the virtual mouse and click on the bottom line. This will bring up the virtual keyboard. Go the top of the keyboard with the virtual mouse, press and hold select and you will see the option to paste

Click on paste. We now need to remove “adb shell” from the pasted command. To do this, move the cursor to the start of the command and keep clicking there. This will slowly bring the cursor back

When the cursor gets to “sh”, delete all the letters before it. The command needs to start “sh”

Click on Run

Shizuku server will start in the background

And then automatically launch the app for you.

Use the virtual mouse to click on Authorized apps

And enable IceBox

Press the home key and now launch Icebox

Inside Icebox, select the option to use Shizuku manager

Click on OK

You can now click on APPS

This will show you all of your installed APPS

Use the virtual mouse to click on System

Click on got it on the warning

Initially you will only see a few of the system apps but if you select the option menu on the top right and enable “Include Hidden”

You will now see a large list of applications

Here are the 27 that I have frozen

Watch the process in action here: