Fix Firestick Boot Loop

Tools Needed

  1. ADB for PC


  1. Plug your Firestick with a micro usb cable in to your computer
  2. Extract the ADB files from the above in to a folder, eg c:\ADB
  3. Open up a command prompt and navigate to the folder where you extracted the files

Type in

adb kill-server

Then type in

adb devices

then type in

adb shell

You should then see this prompt

You can then list the installed packaged by typing in:

pm list packages

(you may see an error a few times before it actually shows you packages but eventually you will see all the installed packages

We are now going to uninstall the 2 APK’s that caused the device to go in to a boot loop. You can use the same command to remove an offending application. First type in exit to leave the shell. Then type in

adb uninstall

You should see the “success” message, if you get any error then try the command again.

To uninstall the 2nd application, type in

adb uninstall

Plug your device back in and it should boot as normal.

Watch the steps in action here: