Enhance Nvidia Shield TV Pro with a Custom Launcher

Software needed:


  1. Use downloader or your favourite browser to download any custom launcher. You can use ATV launcher mentioned above or you can find more launchers here

2. Here you can see my installing ATV Launcher

3. Once installed, navigate to your settings

Click on Apps

Click on See All Apps

Find “Show System Apps” and click on that

Find Android TV Home and open it

Select the option to “Clear Defaults”

Click on Clear defaults to reset the home launcher

Press the Home key and you should see this prompt asking your select your home launcher

Select ATV Launcher
ATV launcher will start

To change the settings, go to the top of the launcher and press and hold the select button. You will then see this menu

Select launcher settings

Select Wallpaper

Enable the first option here and select wallpaper

Enable “Application Wallpaper”

You can now browse to your downloader folder (or whereever you have downloaded some images) to select a new wallpaper

Select the new wallpaper

Your new wallpaper will be applied

How to restore the default launcher

Just uninstall the custom launcher press the home key. You will now be in the default Nvidia stock Launcher

Watch the steps here: