Change Launcher on Amazon Firestick

To change the default launcher on your Amazon device, follow the steps below

  1. Enable ADB debugging
  2. Install whichever 3rd party launcher you plan to choose (i’ll use ATV launcher in my demo
  3. Install the renamed Launcher hijack from here
  4. Install the SettingsTest from here
  5. Install Remote ADB on to your firestick from here
  6. Find the IP address of your Amazon Device by going to Settings — My fireTV — About — Network
  7. Open up Remote ADB Shell and type in the IP address for your Amazon device (port should be 5555)
  8. You will get a prompt on your Amazon device to accept the connection, ensure you allow it. If you don’t get a prompt then turn off ADB and then start it again. Repeat step 6 and this time you will get the prompt.
  9. Once connected, enter in the following commands

    pm grant com.example.settest.settingstest android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

  10. Then open the application (SettingsTest) that you installed from step 4 , after you do that, LauncherHijack should open automatically.
  11. You can now choose your custom launcher