Fire TV Cube (Gen 2) has an ultra-powerful hexa-core processor that makes it more than twice as powerful as the first generation device. However this device has some major quirks with it and some things just don’t work properly. I discuss the biggest issues in this video.

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  1. I bought this 3 weeks ago and have put it back in its box. The money I spent on it was money wasted. No direct ethernet connection, no USBs (the only one at the back being a microUSB which one has to use if one needs ethernet and uses the microUSB at the back for the included adapter – the microUSB connection on this adapter is a dud and does not work), very often Alexa commands do not work, plus many more defects, I contacted Amazon when I realised I could not use the USB port on the included adapter and after spending over 2 hours talking to 5 different persons I found out that none of them knew anything about the Fire Cube itself. One of them kept contradicting me telling me that there was no usb port on the adapter. After I talked to five different persons the last one apparently checked somewhere else and then told me that this was not supposed to work on the Cube for the adapter was designed for the previous version. I ended up putting it back in the box and going back to my 3-year old Nvidia which has never given me any trouble. It was my big mistake in wanting to try out the Amazon Cube as I thought it would be great and it cost me a lot to learn my lesson – stick to Nvidia and don’t even look at Amazon’s tv products.

    • Some great feedback and I really hope Amazon are listening. They have been emailing me asking questions about what’s not working, what apps etc etc. Its like they want me to do the QA for their product when they should have tested this a lot more before releasing.

  2. I ditched the supplied ethernet dongle and substituted a combo ethernet x triple USB3 hub rated for gigabit speeds. I discovered in the discussion groups the microUSB port on the Cube is rated USB2 speeds of 480Mbps. This dongle supports thumb drives for storage expansion and it can be partitioned for apps & data.


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