YTMP3 Wants Google to Identify Alleged DMCA Fraudsters


YTMP3 Wants Google to Identify Alleged DMCA Fraudsters, one of the largest YouTube ripping sites on the web, has requested Google’s help to identify senders of allegedly fraudulent takedown notices. The site’s parent company CreativeCode hopes the search engine can provide additional information to identify the suspected fraudsters, who are being sued in a California federal court.

ytmp3The DMCA takedown process allows copyright holders to report infringing content and have it removed or taken down.

It’s a powerful tool that takes millions of URLs and links offline every day. In most cases, this happens for a good reason, but some takedown efforts are more questionable.

Fraudsters occasionally use false DMCA notices to target competitors. The strategy can be particularly effective when notices are sent to Google, as the search engine actively downranks domains that are frequently mentioned in takedown requests.

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