YouTubers Must Pay $3.5m Damages For Uploading 10-Minute Movie Edits


YouTubers Must Pay $3.5m Damages For Uploading 10-Minute Movie Edits

Two people who transformed full-length movies into YouTube videos that could be watched in just 10 minutes have been hit hard by a court in Japan. More than a dozen copyright holders targeted the pair in a civil suit claiming infringement of 54 movies. A decision handed down at the Tokyo District Court this week orders the pair to pay compensation of $3.56 million.

Sad YouTubeSetting aside two hours to watch a movie can be a luxury these days, especially when the busiest among us claim they can guzzle 200 TikTok videos in much less than that.

So-called ‘Fast Movie’ channels appear to offer some middle ground. Popular mainstream movies lasting a couple of hours are edited down to around 10 minutes and then uploaded to YouTube. The aim is to keep the storyline more or less intact yet despite obvious drawbacks, millions of people enjoy watching them.

Signs that movie companies were about to send a message trickled through last year. Japan does not recognize fair use and even if it did, experts predicted that ‘Fast Movies’ would still cross red lines. People generating advertising revenue from ‘Fast Movies’ certainly wouldn’t improve things either.

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