YouTuber Liable For Bogus DMCA Notice “Awareness Campaign” Targeting Bungie


YouTuber Liable For Bogus DMCA Notice “Awareness Campaign” Targeting Bungie

A gamer who impersonated a Bungie anti-piracy partner as part of a bogus copyright takedown campaign on YouTube, has been found liable for violations of the DMCA. ‘Lord Nazos’ sent bogus complaints to YouTube claiming to represent Bungie, to take down Destiny content creators’ videos, to “raise awareness” of shortcomings in the takedown system. A remarkable investigation followed as Bungie tracked down the perpetrator.

Destiny 2One of the most frustrating aspects of DMCA notices outside the usual complaints aired by rightsholders, is their ability to trigger policies that assume notices are accurate and in some cases, should be blindly obeyed.

Certainly, if the sender of a bogus notice puts in enough effort, the end result can be the removal of whatever material appears in the notice, even when sent to the largest platforms most familiar with fraudulent claims.

In March 2022, someone began sending DMCA notices to YouTube, claiming that the content listed in the notices infringed the rights of videogame developer Bungie. YouTube removed the videos, some of which belonged to high-profile Destiny content creators. Other notices targeted Bungie’s own channels, yet fingers of blame soon pointed toward the company itself, compelling Bungie to defend its reputation and clean up the mess.

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