YouTube Vanced App Forced to Shut Down ‘For Legal Reasons’


YouTube Vanced App Forced to Shut Down ‘For Legal Reasons’

YouTube Vanced is an extremely popular Android app that improves the standard YouTube experience with new features including ad-blocking and background play. Unfortunately, however, the software has come to the end of the road. The developer team says that Vanced is being discontinued “due to legal reasons” and suggests they were forced to comply.

youtube-vancedThere are millions of websites available today, most of which remain completely unknown to the majority of internet users. If you had to pick one known to everyone, though, YouTube would be a pretty safe bet.

Most people agree that YouTube is a fantastic platform but over the years the ad-supported free tier has become very frustrating. It has ads – lots of ads – many of which inexplicably appear at the most inconvenient and irritating times. Most of these annoyances can be cured by paying for a YouTube Premium subscription but for Android users in the know, there’s an even easier option.

YouTube Vanced (or just Vanced, for those who dislike trademark issues) is the work of Team Vanced at XDA Developers.

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