Youtube Ripper Strikes Back at the RIAA in DMCA ‘Circumvention’ Lawsuit


Youtube Ripper Strikes Back at the RIAA in DMCA ‘Circumvention’ Lawsuit

YouTube-ripping service sued the RIAA last year in an attempt to have its platform declared legal in the US. The music industry group asked the court to dismiss the case, arguing that Yout clearly circumvents technological protection measures. However, Yout counters that YouTube doesn’t have any meaningful restrictions and wants the lawsuit to move forward.

yout logoPopular stream-ripping site has fought legal disputes around the world, with mixed results.

Most recently the site and its operator Johnathan Nader became the target of a criminal prosecution in Brazil, which resulted in the site being blocked.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Yout is also engaged in a legal dispute that could potentially eclipse all previous rulings. In a preemptive move, Yout sued the music industry organization RIAA, hoping that the court will declare the service as non-infringing.

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