YouTube Processed Nearly 1.5 Billion Content-ID Claims in 2021


YouTube Processed Nearly 1.5 Billion Content-ID Claims in 2021

The latest edition of YouTube’s copyright transparency report reveals that the streaming platform processed almost 1.5 billion Content ID claims last year. This figure represents roughly 98% of all copyright claims received by YouTube. Most of these complaints are handled without human intervention, but a small error rate still triggers millions of disputes.

content id logoTo protect copyright holders, YouTube regularly removes, disables, or demonetizes videos that allegedly contain infringing content.

For years, little was known about the scope of these copyright claims but that changed last December when the streaming platform published its first-ever transparency report.

The report covered the first six months of 2021 and YouTube recently released the second edition, which means that we now have access to the full-year statistics. This confirms the earlier finding that the streaming platform handles a staggering number of copyright claims.

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