YouTube Needs a Copyright Specialist To Handle ‘High-Risk’ Takedowns


YouTube Needs a Copyright Specialist To Handle ‘High-Risk’ Takedowns

In the first six months of 2021, YouTube processed four million automated Content ID claims every day but sometimes the involvement of a human being is the only way to tackle copyright disputes. To this end, YouTube is now seeking a Copyright Operations Specialist who will be required to deal with ‘escalated’ takedown requests, including those from ‘sensitive entities’.

YouTubeThose wanting to learn how many DMCA notices have been sent to Google over the past few years need look no further than the copyright section of its vast and constantly updated Transparency Report.

This colossal database contains information on more than five billion DMCA takedown requests, including who sent them, when, and which platforms were targeted. When coupled with the Lumen Database there are ample opportunities to research the copyright takedown landscape but there is an important omission.

At no point has Google ever published the detailed takedown requests it receives for YouTube. The platform did provide some overall data late last year, revealing that the vast majority of infringements (722 million in the first six months of 2021) were handled via the automated fingerprinting system, Content ID.

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