YouTube Defeats Mexican Movie Tycoon’s Piracy Lawsuit


YouTube Defeats Mexican Movie Tycoon’s Piracy Lawsuit

YouTube has landed a major legal victory after defeating a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by movie tycoon Carlos Vasallo. According to a Florida federal court, Google’s video platform complies with the DMCA and has no legal obligation to use its piracy filtering tools to remove all potentially pirated videos.

YouTubeTwo years ago, Spanish-born movie tycoon Carlos Vasallo sued YouTube at a Florida federal court over various piracy-related claims.

The actor and producer owns the rights to the world’s largest collection of Mexican and Latin American movies, many of which are illegally shared on YouTube.

The lawsuit accused YouTube of not doing enough to stop people from uploading pirated copies of Vasallo’s content. Those allegations aren’t new, but the movie tycoon also said that YouTube would not allow him to join the Content ID copyright protection program unless he agreed to specific terms, including a revenue share agreement.

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