YouTube Copyright ID Scammers Must Pay Artists $3.3m Restitution


YouTube Copyright ID Scammers Must Pay Artists $3.3m Restitution

By masquerading as legitimate music rightsholders, two men managed to extract over $23 million in revenue from YouTube’s Content ID system. Both were arrested and sentenced to prison. In the wake of the criminal proceeding, hundreds of disadvantaged artists came forward, and the court has now ordered the scammers to pay $3.3 million in restitution.

YouTubeIn 2021, the US Department of Justice launched a criminal proceeding against two men suspected of running a massive YouTube Content ID scam.

YouTube’s flagship anti-piracy system is supposed to protect rightsholders but, in this case, it was used to exploit them.

The scammers’ company, MediaMuv LLC., wasn’t a direct member of the Content ID program. Instead, it operated through a trusted third-party company, which had access to the platform.

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