YouTube Content ID Copyright Claims Increased 25% in a Year


YouTube Content ID Copyright Claims Increased 25% in a Year

YouTube has released a dedicated website for its copyright transparency report. The latest data show that automated copyright claims remain in favor and are rising rapidly. In the first half of 2023, YouTube processed 980 million Content ID claims, a 25% increase compared to a year earlier. By claiming videos this way, rightsholders generate billions in additional revenue.

content id logoTo protect copyright holders, YouTube regularly removes, disables, or demonetizes videos that contain allegedly infringing content.

For years, little was known about the scope of these copyright claims, but that changed two years ago when the streaming platform published its first-ever transparency report.

These reports, which were initially published as pdf files, showed that roughly 99% of all copyright claims on YouTube are handled through the Content ID system. Since many claims are automated, participation is restricted to a few thousand vetted rightsholders to limit abuse.

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