YouTube and Facebook Are the Top ‘Pirate Sites’ in Denmark


YouTube and Facebook Are the Top ‘Pirate Sites’ in Denmark

There has been no shortage of anti-piracy initiatives in Denmark in recent years. Shutdowns, raids, arrests, and site-blocking orders have repeatedly made headlines. Against this backdrop, it’s surprising to see that piracy has become more popular, with YouTube and Facebook now the top sources to access content illegally. Meanwhile, password sharing is a growing concern too.

Over the past two years, Danish law enforcement authorities have effectively dismantled the once-thriving local torrent tracker scene.

These enforcement actions were combined with various court orders that compel Internet providers to block pirate sites. In theory, these efforts should be the perfect environment for piracy to decrease. On the ground, the opposite is happening.

Danish anti-piracy group Rights Alliance reports that illegal consumption of movie and TV content has reached the highest level in nine years. This number comes from an annual survey among more than a thousand respondents, carried out by Mediavision.

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