Reignites RIAA Stream-Ripping Dispute at Court of Appeal

251 Reignites RIAA Stream-Ripping Dispute at Court of Appeal

Popular stream-ripping site has filed its appeal brief at the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The service aims to reverse a district court ruling that dismissed Yout’s claims against the RIAA. Yout seeks a declaration that it doesn’t violate the DMCA and accuses the music industry group of defamation and business disparagement.

yout logoYouTube’s terms and service prohibit users from downloading audio and video, but there are numerous ‘stream-ripping’ sites available on the web that do just that.

These services are a thorn in the side of recording labels which consider them a major piracy threat. Some operators of these stream-ripping tools disagree, pointing at the variety of legal use cases instead.

At the end of 2020, the operator of one of the largest stream-rippers took matters into his own hands. Instead of hiding in the shadows like some competitors, owner Johnathan Nader sued the RIAA, asking the federal court in Connecticut to declare his service non-infringing.

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