X Corp. Fights ‘Genshin Impact’ Subpoena, Defends Alleged Leakers’ “Anonymous Speech”


X Corp. Fights ‘Genshin Impact’ Subpoena, Defends Alleged Leakers’ “Anonymous Speech”

X Corp refuses to comply with a DMCA subpoena targeting X/Twitter users who allegedly leaked unreleased Genshin Impact content online. Publisher Cognosphere obtained the subpoena last November and views this is a straightforward matter. X Corp believes that the lack of judicial oversight built into the DMCA subpoena process poses a risk to the First Amendment rights of its users.

genshin-small99Action role-playing game Genshin Impact is enjoyed by tens of millions of players each month. Fans are engaged and always hungry for new content so when an opportunity arises to get a sneak peek, there’s no shortage of takers.

For Genshin Impact publisher Cognosphere, pre-release leaks are unacceptable. To suppress current leaks and to deter others from leaking content in the future, the company uses the DMCA’s takedown provisions and DMCA subpoenas respectively.

Cognosphere obtains the latter to compel online platforms, typically social media companies, to hand over whatever information they hold on alleged infringers. What happens when that information is handed over to Cognosphere is mostly unknown.

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