WordPress Rejects 86% of All DMCA Takedown Notices


WordPress Rejects 86% of All DMCA Takedown Notices

WordPress has published its latest transparency report which shows that it only takes action for a small fraction of the piracy takedown notices it receives. A whopping 86% don’t result in any removals. This high rejection rate is mostly the result of “careless” incomplete notices sent by takedown companies, the report notes.

wplogoAutomattic, the company behind the popular blogging platform WordPress, receives thousands of takedown requests from copyright holders.

For several years the volume of notices continued to increase, with a peak in 2018, after which the trend slowly went in the other direction.

This week, the company published its latest WordPress.com transparency report, revealing that it processed 2,412 takedown notices during the first six months of the year. That is a significant drop compared to a year earlier when over 3,321 notices were handled.

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