Won’t Download a Car? Let’s Try: “Piracy Turns Teenagers Into Gambling Addicts”


Won’t Download a Car? Let’s Try: “Piracy Turns Teenagers Into Gambling Addicts”

Even among those who accept piracy is illegal, there are some who still struggle to view casual streaming as a serious crime. By introducing credit card fraud, identity theft, and malware into the mix, it’s hoped that piracy will absorb the juices of these ‘real’ crimes and be taken more seriously. In South Korea, where pirate movies and careless clicks turn innocent teenagers into crazed gambling addicts, anti-piracy messaging may have hit the jackpot.

pirate-gamblersNo matter where people live or how much knowledge and experience they’ve accumulated, governments and corporations rarely shy away from an opportunity to offer behavioral advice.

Delivered via TV, radio and the internet, public service announcements enlighten the masses on topics seemingly so complex, they’re only fully understood by the few. Even if that was the case, 30 seconds of theatrics followed by what amounts to a blind order may have worked 40 years ago; today, people expect more than that and when it comes to anti-piracy PSAs, magnitudes more.

For the last few years the global anti-piracy message hasn’t wavered for a moment. There’s no memorable slogan to recall, but the message couldn’t be clearer: If people pirate content, using IPTV services in particular, more likely than not they will become infected with malware, have their identities stolen, credit cards maxed-out, and/or bank accounts emptied.

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