Why Would ‘OpenAI’ Send ChatGPT Takedown Notices to Google?


Why Would ‘OpenAI’ Send ChatGPT Takedown Notices to Google?

Google’s transparency report shows that ‘OpenAI’ has asked the search engine to remove several ChatGPT-related search results. These include links to apps and articles that allegedly infringe on OpenAI’s rights. While we can’t confirm the legitimacy of these requests, ChatGPT informs us that they could be legitimate.

openaiChatGPT has captured the imagination of millions of people, offering a glimpse of what an AI-assisted future might look like.

The new technology also brings up novel copyright questions. Several people are worried that their work is being used to train AI without any form of compensation, for example.

Parent company OpenAI may in turn be worried that third parties are exploiting the ChatGPT model without permission. That’s what a recent DMCA takedown notice sent to Google tends to suggest.

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