Where Are the Pirated Movie Screeners This Year?


Where Are the Pirated Movie Screeners This Year?

Towards the end of the year, leaked screener copies of Hollywood films traditionally leak online. This year, no notable screeners have surfaced. This absence may be in part due to security and enforcement measures, but streaming services and shorter release windows are dominant factors too.

vhsScreeners are advance copies of recent movies that are generally sent out to critics and awards voters for review.

These copies have regularly ended up in the hands of pirates after which they’re widely circulated online. That includes screeners of potential Academy Award nominees, which usually appear around December.

In recent history, hundreds of these screeners have leaked early. In 2015, for example, a a spree of high-profile screeners were released by the Hive-CM8 group. These allegedly came from the talent agency Innovative Artists which was later sued by Warner Bros.

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