What Remains of Content ID Lawsuit Seems Unlikely to Change YouTube


What Remains of Content ID Lawsuit Seems Unlikely to Change YouTube

Maria Schneider’s lawsuit against YouTube began with great ambitions to vastly improve the copyright enforcement landscape on YouTube to the benefit of artists everywhere. With a jury trial just days away, but with class-action status already denied, what’s left of the lawsuit could still deliver a win for the plaintiffs. Fulfilling ambitions will probably have to wait until another time.

Sad YouTubeAccording to the most recent order in Maria Schneider’s copyright lawsuit against YouTube, the long-running case is still scheduled for jury trial beginning Monday, June 12, 2023. Or at least what remains of it.

Based upon allegations that YouTube is a platform where rampant piracy goes unchecked, Schneider – with support from Uniglobe Entertainment and AST Publishing – had ambitions of class action certification, considerable sums in damages, and the jewel in the crown; universal access to YouTube’s Content ID system, to the benefit of creators everywhere.

A key step towards achieving this goal was to have the plaintiffs’ case certified as a class action. In an order handed down last month, Judge James Donato explained why that wouldn’t happen.

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