Vietnam Could Kill Several Major Pirate Sites Worth Billions of Visits


Vietnam Could Kill Several Major Pirate Sites Worth Billions of Visits

Some of the world’s largest pirate sites, offering movies, TV shows and anime for free, are reportedly operated from Vietnam. The statistics are nothing short of extraordinary and measured in billions of visits per year. Fmovies, Bmovies, Bflix and 9anime are just a few of the sites causing problems for rightsholders. Despite U.S. concerns, Vietnam seems unwilling to pull the plug.

deadpirateWhen the United States wanted Sweden to take action against The Pirate Bay, communication through diplomatic channels oiled the wheels, led to a raid, and was followed by handshakes all round.

The Pirate Bay famously reappeared online but in that moment, collaboration between U.S. and Swedish authorities was set on a more harmonious course. At the time it was rumored that cooperation had prevented Sweden being placed on the USTR’s Special 301 Report ‘Watch List’ but whatever the truth, that never happened.

The same cannot be said of Vietnam. Five years ago the USTR warned that unless Vietnam took stronger enforcement action, not only would it remain on the Watch List, but online piracy was likely to get worse as broadband penetration increased. The prediction was solid.

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