‘Valorant Mobile’ Leaks Excite Gamers But ‘Pirate’ Copies Are Bad News


‘Valorant Mobile’ Leaks Excite Gamers But ‘Pirate’ Copies Are Bad News

Leaked screenshots and footage of Riot Games’ yet-to-be-released Valorant Mobile seem to be boosting interest in the hotly anticipated title. While those images and videos don’t appear to be falling to copyright complaints, a particular YouTube video posted in April has attracted direct interest from Riot Games’ legal team, and a DMCA subpoena to unmask the uploader.

valorant-smallGiven that the production of today’s videogames requires the involvement of a large number of people, preventing all information leaks is an impossible task.

On the flip side, today’s interconnected world has the ability to transform leaks into powerful advertising and hype, keeping message boards and social media alive with discussion of exciting new products, at zero cost to official marketing teams.

While much of this is good for business, there are people out there who simply can’t wait for a game to be officially released. But are those pre-release pirate downloads being advertised online the real deal or something much less attractive? In a case that began amid a number of prominent leaks, followed by a copyright complaint to YouTube, and then more aggressive legal action using the DMCA, we followed the crumbs to find out.

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