US Lawmakers Urge Verisign to Help Tackle Online Piracy


US Lawmakers Urge Verisign to Help Tackle Online Piracy

A group of U.S. lawmakers wants domain name registry Verisign to help tackle online piracy. The company has a key role in the domain names system, overseeing many popular TLDs including .com, .tv and .net. Verisign believes that it should operate in a content-neutral manner but it doesn’t rule out that, through the right protocols and processes, it can help to address piracy as well.

verisignThere are plenty of options for copyright holders to frustrate the operations of pirate sites, but one of the most effective is to attack their domain names.

In recent years, various entertainment industry groups have called on the domain name industry to help out on this front.

As a result, the MPAA signed a landmark agreement with the Donuts registry under which the movie industry group acts as a “trusted notifier” of “pirate” domains. A similar deal was later announced with the Radix registry.

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