US Court Denies Bungie’s $2.2m Claim Against UK ‘Ring-1’ Cheat Seller


US Court Denies Bungie’s $2.2m Claim Against UK ‘Ring-1’ Cheat Seller

Bungie and Ubisoft’s request for default judgment in a prominent cheating lawsuit has been denied by a California federal court. The companies sought $2.2 million in copyright-related damages from a UK defendant they described as a key player in the “Ring-1″ group. The court concluded that the man was little more than a customer support staffer.

ring-1 logoOver the past several years, several videogame companies have taken cheaters to court in the United States.

In 2021, American videogame companies Bungie and Ubisoft joined forces in a lawsuit against “Ring-1”, a developer and distributor of cheat software targeting Destiny 2, Rainbox Six Seige, and other popular titles.

Bungie and Ubisoft identified four defendants who allegedly ran the cheating business. Filed at a California federal court, their complaint named Andrew Thorpe (aka ‘Krypto’), Jonathan Aguedo (aka ‘Overpowered’), Wesam Mohammed (aka ‘Grizzly’), and Ahmad Mohammed as key players.

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