Under Hollywood Pressure, Vietnam Cracks Down On….Live Sports Piracy


Under Hollywood Pressure, Vietnam Cracks Down On….Live Sports Piracy

As the world’s largest pirate sites operate freely in Vietnam, the MPA has left no stone unturned in its quest for local cooperation. This week the Vietnamese government reported progress; 1,000 pirate sites blocked in the last 12 months. Most offered live football streams, so not exactly great news for Hollywood, but factors other than copyright may have played a role.

pirate tvWhen Hollywood sets its sights on something it wants to achieve in the piracy landscape, victory may not come this week or even next year. The MPA has been around for 100 years; it definitely has patience to see out a few more.

In Vietnam, despite changes in the law and visits by high-ranking MPA and ACE representatives, patience will be required to reduce piracy. The world’s largest pirate sites seem to operate freely there and even when giants like Zoro.to and 9anime came under direct pressure from ACE recently, immediate respawning under new domains was hardly conducive to confidence building.

MPA/ACE have enjoyed success, the closure of 2embed is just one example. But with Vietnam-based movie streaming giant Fmovies also announcing a domain switch/minor rebranding to Fmoviesz recently, more progress is needed and in an announcement this week, the authorities reported just that.

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