UK Govt. Prepares to Dissolve Anti-Piracy Group & Seize Its Assets


UK Govt. Prepares to Dissolve Anti-Piracy Group & Seize Its Assets

FACT Administration LLP, a partnership behind a piracy settlement scheme in the UK, appeared in Britain’s oldest newspaper this week. The group demands at least hundreds of pounds from internet users for downloading a single movie but according to The Gazette, the partnership could be just weeks away from being forcibly dissolved. The number of businesses that face disruption is rather large, to say the least.

trollMost higher-tier anti-piracy groups are interested in taking down illegal sites, services and other commercial-scale pirates.

Many of their targets are given multiple warnings before anything terrible happens because ending their piracy is the main goal. If that can be achieved without a legal battle, it’s better for everyone and it’s cheaper for everyone too.

But there are also anti-piracy groups that don’t give warnings and don’t believe in second chances, no matter how small the infringement or how poor the alleged infringer might be. In fact, these groups deliberately target residential internet subscribers and demand hundreds, even thousands of dollars, euros or pounds in compensation – and feel entirely justified doing so because the law allows it.

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