U.S. Registrars Failed to Disable Pirate Site Domains, Judge Orders Action


U.S. Registrars Failed to Disable Pirate Site Domains, Judge Orders Action

In August, an Indian court ordered domain registrars including NameCheap, Tucows, Dynadot, and Sarek Oy to disable several pirate site domains. They failed to comply so the judge has just ordered two government agencies to take immediate action. Among other things, they must determine if the domain companies should even be allowed to do business in India.

Pirate KeyIndia began blocking websites in the late 1990s and even today sites are blocked with no explanation. Just this week, VLC’s website was unblocked by ISPs after months in the dark but why it was blocked at all remains a mystery.

For at least the last decade, India’s courts have also authorized injunctions that compel local ISPs to block domains linked to alleged copyright infringement. The Pirate Bay was one of the more obvious targets but with blocking requests containing first dozens, then hundreds of domains, an overall picture was hard to determine.

Copyright injunctions are more easily tracked today but the pace is relentless. India’s Department of Communications has processed at least 130 court orders since April 2022, including one against Z-Library and another containing more than 13,000 domains. And the orders don’t stop at ISP blocking either.

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