U.S. Copyright Office Finds ‘Deep Disagreement’ on Anti-Piracy Measures


U.S. Copyright Office Finds ‘Deep Disagreement’ on Anti-Piracy Measures

The U.S. Copyright Office has completed its public consultations on the use of technical measures to identify and protect copyrighted content online. The inquiries triggered responses from a wide variety of stakeholders, both for and against tools such as ‘upload filters’. The Office cautions lawmakers against drastic decisions and sees more benefit in small tweaks and voluntary agreements.

blockedFor many years, U.S. lawmakers have considered options to update the DMCA so it can more effectively deal with today’s online copyright issues.

Many proposals have come and gone, without resulting in any significant updates. Calls to change current legislation persist, however.

Following repeated nudges from Senators Thom Tillis and Patrick Leahy, the Copyright Office launched a consultation on automated tools that online services can use to ensure that pirated content is less easily shared.

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