Twitter Suspends Copyright Holder as Musk Outlaws ‘Weaponization’ of DMCA


Twitter Suspends Copyright Holder as Musk Outlaws ‘Weaponization’ of DMCA

In the midst of a fierce copyright dispute last evening, Twitter CEO Elon Musk intervened. He declared that accounts engaging in “repeated, egregious weaponization of DMCA on Twitter” will receive temporary suspensions. The problems began when a popular user tweeted a stunning video owned by a professional photographer, who responded by sending a DMCA takedown notice. That sounds straightforward, but this dispute is a lot more complex than that.

pirate twitterIn May 2022, Elon Musk declared overzealous use of the DMCA a “plague on humanity.”

As CEO of Twitter, Musk understands that his platform has certain obligations if it wishes to maintain protection from liability under copyright law. On receipt of a properly formatted and submitted takedown notice, allegedly infringing content must be taken down.

A dispute that boiled over yesterday began with these two steps but ended up with the copyright holder having his account suspended, presumably by Musk himself or on his instructions.

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