Twitter Hit With $228.9m Copyright Infringement / Repeat Infringer Lawsuit


Twitter Hit With $228.9m Copyright Infringement / Repeat Infringer Lawsuit

Celebrity photo agency Backgrid has filed a $228.9m copyright infringement lawsuit against Twitter after thousands of its photographs were uploaded by users of the social media site. Ordinarily, Twitter would enjoy ‘safe harbor’ protection but according to Backgrid, Twitter failed to take action in response to DMCA takedown notices, and failed to terminate ‘repeat infringers’

pirate twitterAny platform that allows users to upload and share content runs the risk of some users uploading content for which they hold no rights.

Under copyright law, platforms can limit liability for the actions of their users provided they respond to DMCA takedown notices in a timely fashion and suspend or terminate users who repeatedly infringe copyright.

If a platform fails in either respect, rightsholders may attempt to hold it liable for infringements that it had the ability to stop, but failed to do so.

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