TV Show Release Group CAKES Quits The Scene & Shuts Down


TV Show Release Group CAKES Quits The Scene & Shuts Down

Piracy release group CAKES has shut down. In the wake of the RARBG closure, this is yet another hit for the piracy ecosystem. While CAKES was part of The Scene, most of its TV show releases eventually ended up at public sites as well. The same is true for the TV release group GLHF, which has gone quiet too.

pirate-flagFor several decades, The Scene has been the main source of all pirated content made available on the Internet.

Technically, release groups operate in a closed ecosystem, but the reality is different. The vast majority of the files published on private Scene servers eventually find their way to public pirate sites.

The secretive nature of The Scene has been a major challenge for law enforcement but in the summer of 2020, the US Department of Justice made a major breakthrough. Following a thorough investigation, three members of the illustrious SPARKS group were indicted.

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