TV Piracy is Growing Rapidly in the UK, Data Show


TV Piracy is Growing Rapidly in the UK, Data Show

Nearly half of all piracy traffic is TV-related and the number of illegal downloads and streams continues to rise. This growth is particularly strong in the UK, which in absolute numbers is now ranked third of all countries worldwide. Interestingly, people even pirate content they can watch legally, for free.

There is little doubt that, for many people, on-demand streaming services have become the standard for watching TV-shows.

The convenience of watching TV series at the viewer’s pace is common nowadays. It was quite different 15 years ago when the on-demand experience was pretty much exclusive to pirates.

Times have clearly changed but some old habits can be hard to kick. Over the past year, online piracy has increased globally and most of this growth has come from TV pirates, who are responsible for nearly half of all pirate site traffic.

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