Triller Celebrates Win Over Pirate YouTuber But Judge Slashes Damages


Triller Celebrates Win Over Pirate YouTuber But Judge Slashes Damages

The young operator of a small YouTube channel that showed the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight to less than 300 viewers has lost his case against Triller after failing to show up. Triller is celebrating the default judgment as a big win but the case shows that even when defendants fail to appear, a judge is still able to cut through excessive claims for damages.

TrillerAfter Jake Paul knocked out Ben Askren in the short-lived main event of a Triller fight card earlier this year, it was no surprise to learn that the event had been heavily pirated online.

This lit a fire under Triller Fight Club, which responded with a wave of lawsuits aimed at bringing the perpetrators to justice. One of the company’s targets was Matthew Space, the young operator of the Eclipt Gaming YouTube channel which usually specializes in gaming videos but also uploaded the fight after the event had finished.

According to Triller’s evidence the video received just 297 views but Space’s actions were nevertheless described by the plaintiff as “calculated and reprehensible infringement”. Triller alleged two types of copyright infringement alongside violations of the Federal Communications Act and, at least initially, demanded millions of dollars in damages.

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