Tor Project Unblocked But Russia Demands Censorship, Embroils Google


Tor Project Unblocked But Russia Demands Censorship, Embroils Google

After the main domain of privacy-focused anti-censorship tool Tor was blocked by Russian authorities last December, digital rights activists stepped in with a successful legal challenge. is now unblocked but as part of a new legal process, prosecutors are restating and broadening their case. Tor Browser must be banned and deleted from Google Play, they insist.

TorAfter years of government censorship to suppress dissent and maintain authorized narratives, unfiltered internet access in Russia is seen as a threat.

Russia’s measures include a massive domain name and IP address blocklist governing what services can be legally delivered by ISPs. Whether that’s the “extremist organization” behind Facebook and Instagram, BBC News, Google News, or thousands of streaming and torrent sites, access is routinely denied.

The inevitable response from citizens was to circumvent these blocks with VPNs and tools such as Tor. The equally predictable response from the authorities was to categorize tools that provide access to blocked resources as banned themselves, and also subject to blocking.

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