“Top 10 Beast TV Reseller” Faces Lawsuit For Selling Pirate IPTV Packages


“Top 10 Beast TV Reseller” Faces Lawsuit For Selling Pirate IPTV Packages

Pirate IPTV service Beast TV shut down in 2020 in response to a lawsuit filed in Canada by several Hollywood studios, Netflix, Amazon, and Bell Media. A lawsuit filed Thursday in the United States claims to target a former ‘Top 10’ Beast TV reseller who allegedly still sells Beast TV-branded subscriptions. When Beast was shut down almost three years ago, an announcement on the defendant’s alleged site, posted under a name that matches his, claimed the service was still alive.

beast-tv-clonePopular pirate IPTV service Beast TV built one of the most recognizable brands the illicit sector had even seen. That level of recognition is good for business and also well known for attracting rightsholders’ attorneys.

In the dying weeks of 2020, Beast TV began to fail which not only fueled rumors of legal action, but also a series of counter-rumors claiming everything was fine and the service would be back online soon. Things were actually as far away from fine as one could imagine.

Behind the scenes it was already known that entertainment companies had formed a powerful coalition to take Beast TV down. Warner Bros., Amazon, Bell Media, Columbia, Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Sony Pictures, and Universal City Studios launched their action on October 2, 2020, before executing an ex parte injunction on November 24, 2020.

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