The U.S. ‘Small’ Copyright Claims Board Goes Live this Week


The U.S. ‘Small’ Copyright Claims Board Goes Live this Week

The US “Copyright Claims Board” starts accepting its first claims this week. The tribunal, which is part of the Copyright Office, allows parties to resolve “small” copyright disputes relatively cheaply outside of the federal court system. Damages available under these claims are capped at $30,000 and the entire process takes place online, without the need to hire an attorney.

CCBAt the end of 2020, US Congress passed new legislation that officially introduced a “small claims” process for copyright disputes.

The CASE Act, short for “Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement,” established a copyright claims board within the United States Copyright Office.

This three-member tribunal provides an option to resolve copyright disputes outside the federal courts, which significantly reduces the associated costs. As such, it aims to make it easier for smaller creators, such as photographers, to address copyright infringements.

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