Spinrilla Wants to Ban the Terms ‘Piracy’ and ‘Theft’ at RIAA Trial


Spinrilla Wants to Ban the Terms ‘Piracy’ and ‘Theft’ at RIAA Trial

Popular mixtape platform Spinrilla will face several major record labels in court next month in a trial worth millions of dollars in copyright infringement damages. A few days ago, Spinriilla asked the court to ban disparaging terms such as “piracy” and “theft” as these may give the jury the wrong impression.

spinrillaOperating a mixtape site is not without risk. By definition, mixes include multiple sound recordings that are often protected by copyright.

Popular hip-hop mixtape site and app Spinrilla, which has millions of users, is well aware of these risks. In 2017, the company was sued by several record labels, backed by the RIAA, which accused the company of massive copyright infringement.

“Spinrilla specializes in ripping off music creators by offering thousands of unlicensed sound recordings for free,” the RIAA commented at the time.

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