Sony Music Has Serious Concerns About AI-Synthesized Vocals


Sony Music Has Serious Concerns About AI-Synthesized Vocals

Artificial intelligence is now a mainstream topic but while most people focus on the positives, the music industry is concerned about potential threats. In IFPI’s latest Global Music Report, insiders stress that music’s ‘human’ element should stay at the forefront. According to Sony, the same applies to AI-synthesized voices, which should not replace human vocals.

guettaArtificial intelligence has the potential to make our lives more efficient, entertaining, and productive. There are potential downsides as well.

From a copyright perspective, AI brings up some interesting questions. For example, can content created by an AI be copyrighted? And can an AI be trained on copyrighted works without limitation?

Before ChatGPT and other AI tools started to dominate the news, the music industry had already shared its concerns over the potential threats posed to its business. The RIAA, for example, reported several AI ‘vocal’ extraction tools as a looming piracy threat last October.

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